Christmas at Star of the Sea

The lead in to the Christmas holidays was an extremely busy time here in Star of the Sea. Our mass for the Feast of the Immaculate Conception was beautiful and engaged the children from all the classes wonderfully. The Parents’ Association Christmas Fair, took place, for the first time, during the school day. The various stalls and games were manned by the pupils from 6th classes, overseen by the volunteers from the PA. All classes got to visit the fair and a great time was had by all the pupils. Many thanks to the organising committee of parents and teachers. A special thanks to the pupils from 6th Classes. First Classes put on a lovely performance of the Nativity story in St. Mary’s Church on Friday 15th which, as usual, was very well attended by members of our school community. The pupils from 1st classes were outstanding and the singing by the whole school was marvellous. Marvellous too was the singing by 6th classes outside the Post Office in Passage West when they were carol singing. The boys and girls were well applauded by the people of Passage West. We look forward to making it an annual event. As usual the infants performed spectacularly for their parents. Junior Infants performed all the songs and poems learned since Sept. and Senior Infants were brilliant performing their play. A very busy and special person came to visit all the girls and boys on the Thursday before the holidays. We were delighted Santa could spare the time to visit the children and to bring them each a selection box.