Principal’s Message

11th August 2020

Dear Parent / Guardian

RE: Re-opening of Star of the Sea Primary School

I hope you and your families are keeping well.

On Monday 31st August we are hoping to re-open our school safely, in line with current guidance and recommendations.

Re-opening the school safely will require the co-operation of all members of our School Community – BoM, School Leadership, Staff, Parents and Pupils. We will all be called on to play our part in ensuring that re-opening of the school is done in a safe manner which prevents the spread of the virus and allows the vital work of Teaching and Learning to proceed with as little disruption as possible.

The Board of Management, school management and staff are working on our plan for the safe reopening of the school. The Covid-19 Policy Statement, ratified by the BoM and links to the Dept. of Education’s (DES) Roadmap and COVID-19 Response Plan for the safe and sustainable reopening of Primary and Special Schools are published on our school website.  The Response Plan gives details of

  • Physical preparation, signage, hand sanitiser stations,
  • Advice, procedures and training for the safe return to working in the school for all school staff and pupils
  • General and specific advice on how all pupils, staff, parents and visitors will prevent the spread of the virus

Over the next couple of weeks you will be informed of the progress and details of our re-opening plans and provided with the information required by you to play your part in safely re-opening the school.

To date hand sanitizer stations have been fitted in all classrooms and entry points. Sufficient supplies of soap, sanitizer etc have been purchased. Before the school re-opens it will be deep cleaned and sanitized professionally.

As children’s personal belongings cannot be shared we ask that for children 3rd – 6th classes a good quality strong plastic tote/box for their books is purchased. The tote only needs to be big enough to hold the book/copies – so please not too big! When purchasing school bags, pencil cases etc please ensure they are made from material which can be wiped and cleaned or machine washed. Avoid cloth pencil cases.  If possible consider having a second set of pencils, biros etc at home. ALL belongings must be labelled with child’s name – jumpers, coats, bags, lunch boxes including every pencil and twistable colouring crayon.

We are really looking forward to welcoming our children back to school and will be doing all that we can to ensure that the return to school is a safe and enjoyable experience for the children. We will be in touch with you again very soon with further details of the necessary procedures for reopening.

Le meas

Denis O’ Byrne                                                              Angelique Cashman

Chairperson, BoM                                                        Principal