Road Works

Dear Parents
The following information was received from Carol Harris on behalf of Ward and Burke.

Ward and Burke are going into final phase of Road Closure from 22 October to 16 November 2018.

If ground conditions are good we are looking at rd. closure been lifted on Sunday 11 November.

We estimate that Fair Hill would be closed from Thursday (25th) and/or Friday (26th) of next week, depending on progress along the R610.

The system with Shuttle buses are as follows:

Please advise parents and pupils the shuttle bus will not be using Monastery Hill route during road closure.

Parents can drive to old Star of the Sea car park, where pupils will be asked to walk past works at Oysterhaven boat yard, and pick up Shuttle bus on Passage West side of Toureen Terrace .

The shuttle bus will do loop to school from 08.00am to 08.50am from this location.

Return journey will be the same with shuttle bus waiting at school from 2.30pm to ferry pupils to last drop off point at Toureen Terrace.

Parents are more than welcome on shuttle bus if children are smaller.