My name is Joey Shaw. I am a 6th class student at Star of the Sea Primary School. I am training in the martial art of Taekwondo in Passage West School of Taekwondo. This is about my Taekwondo achievements this year.

 World Taekwondo Championships 2017

The world championships took place in Killarney Co Kerry this year. I had trained very hard and was confident about winning a medal. About one hour after registering I was called for patterns. It was tough but after four rounds I made it to the final. I eventually won 3-2 and got a gold medal. I was delighted but there was still another event. I also made it to the final in Sparring, beating opponents from Scotland and Ireland. My opponent in the final was from Scotland also. I stepped on to the ring, bowed to the judges and faced my opponent. The referee shouted go and off we went. After a few rounds it was over and unfortunately I was beaten 3-1. I was devastated but I was proud because I knew I did my best and was delighted to receive a silver medal.


Irish Taekwondo Open 2017

The Irish open took place in UL Limerick. I travelled up with four of my club mates and two instructors Master Delea and Mr. Wills. As usual patterns came first. I made to the final but was beaten 4-1 by my opponent. Next, came special technique. I had competed in this event at a big tournament before and was a little nervous. I didn’t get any medals in this event. Last came sparring.  I made it to the final. The umpire called us out and we prepared for the fight. We started off light on our feet and fast moving but after a while it was a vicious fight as we knew whoever won would be the Irish champion. After the fight we waited for the decision. It was an unfortunate decision with my opponent taking gold but I still tried my best.


I train in Passage West School of Taekwondo every Monday and Tuesday. My instructors name is Master Delea. He is a 7th dan black belt. I have been doing Taekwondo since I was four years old. I am now a blue belt. I also do extra training every Saturday in Mallow. I sometimes go to training in Turners Cross on Tuesdays too.

Pupils of Star of the Sea Primary School who are members of Passage West School of Taekwondo and who recently took part in the World Championships and the Irish Junior and Cadets Tournament.